Here at Sea Breeze Green we are very concerned about our environment and how our operations can foster an environmental friendly and sustainable future in Los Angeles.

We have taken a number of steps to significantly lower our carbon footprint and our impact on our surroundings.

  • We have a 7.5kw solar panel array on the roof of our office building.  This has reduced our energy consumption by 35%,
  • We have retrofitted all of our interior lighting to use one half of its former energy. 
  • To lower our automobile emissions our organization operates 6  natural gas powered Honda Civic GX’s. 
  • We also drive a Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered Honda Clarity.
  • We utilize a 14,000 GVW natural gas powered Isuzu box van to our fleet in order replace our gasoline powered box van with a much cleaner vehicle.
  • We operate a natural gas powered Ford Transit on one of our "all electric" routes.
  • * On select routes, we offer maintenance service using only electric powered machines. No gasoline! Battery electric only, taking advantage of the charging stations at our solar site located at West LA location.*

We are highly knowledgeable about California native plans and work well with gardens comprised of drought tolerant plant materials. We can plant and maintain beautiful gardens that are “water wise." We can install efficient sprinklers and drip systems and use natural fertilizers to create an eco-friendly way of feeding your lawn. 

We use only CARB (emission standards) approved gas powered landscaping machines.  We are proud to have a patent pending on a dust suppressing attachment for leaf blowers (see video).  This device dramatically reduces the particulates generally raised into the air by the operation of traditional leaf blowers. 

Eco dust and particulate suppression "OFF"

Eco dust and particulate suppression "ON"

Dust suppressing attachment for leaf blowers in action (there would
be a cloud of dust if it were not in operation)

Electric Mowing and Manual Sweeping Options Available:

Our Natural Gas Car Fleet

Natural Gas Car hooked up to a home filling station

One of our natural gas powered trucks

Cleaning the office solar panels

Electric Weeder

The California Air Resources Board 2009 Almanac provides compelling evidence for switching from gas-powered lawn and garden equipment to zero-emission, electric equipment: If all of the gas-powered lawn and garden equipment were converted to zero-emission appliances, it would have the same impact as converting 39% of all passenger cars  - nearly 2 out of every 5 cars on California roadways - to ZERO EMISSION vehicles in terms of reducing reactive organic gases (ROG)*, and converting 26% of all passenger cars - more than 1 out of 4 cars on California roadways - to ZERO EMISSION vehicles in terms of reducing carbon monoxide (CO)*. (*Carbon Monoxide and Reactive Organic Gases are essentially smog and greenhouse agents)


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