Water-wise Gardening Conserves Water and Reduces Waste

By adapting the garden design, and using different gardening techniques, there is still a large scope of vibrant gardens that can be achieved with fragrant plants that include a variety of textural interest and color.

Hydrozone: group plants according to their water needs.

Enrich the Soil: mix compost or soil amendments into your soil to improve it's moisture retaining capability and fertility.

Mulch: place mulch around your plants, along walkways and on top of other bare areas to reduce water use, prevent weeds, and protect the soil from crusting.

Drought Tolerant Plants: add drought tolerant or native plants to create a low water-use, low maintenance landscape.  These plants have the ability to limit water loss through the leaves and acquire more water through their roots. 

Irrigation: install sprinklers, drip emitters and timers so you only give plants the amount of water they really need.

Sea Breeze Landscaping is ready to help you maintain a lush and efficient garden that requires less water and reduces the need for pruning.

Water-wise Lush Bougainvillea Planters

Water-wise Garden-
no irrigation, watered once a week

Water-wise Flax and Agapanthus Plants

Water-wise Courtyard Garden

Water-wise Succulent Garden

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